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Website Makeover - Website Overhaul - Website Redesign

At Machine Language Websites we believe everyone's website should be visually pleasing and easy to use and navigate.  Older websites don't benefit from modern techniques in website design.

This is a typical scenario for a web makeover. Usually most of the structure and content for the website is there, all it needs is making sense of and presenting in an intuitive, well designed manner. Machine Language Websites can spruce up your site and put things into place so that Google can come along, like your site and start to reference it. We can also make your site so that you can manage your own content and be in control of your own destiny.

Here is site we have given a makeover..

Simply Alpaca are an all encompassing farm for all things Alpaca, their website was lovingly constructed by the owners using HTML, which is the complex language used to build websites.  Although it got them a presence on the Internet, they felt it could be improved.  Machine Language Websites were asked to look at giving the website a makeover.  As well as improving the look and feel of the website, we were asked to add extra features like a newsletter capture box, facebook and twitter integration and Google Maps.



The 2 sites are given here
as a comparison.
Click on either to go to that site
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<-- Old Site            New Site -->

Simply Alpaca after it had been given a makeover. Website refresh of Simply Alpaca.



The website has benefitted from the rebuild in numerous other ways such as the ranking it achieves on Google - the new website was built using search engine friendly techniques and comes first on Google for many keywords.

The site has weblinks when you do a search on Google and is more welcoming to the person searching.


The website improvement made the site perform much better in Google as the site is search engine friendly.

Website design for small, local and startup businesses in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.






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