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8 Drupal Plugins

8 Plug-Ins For Drupal

Advertisement Module
A module for displaying ads (graphical or text) in a random order anywhere on your website. Ads can be automatically or manually inserted into your website.


An add-on that allows Flash advertisements to be displayed with the Drupal ad module.

Allows you to set up your own affiliate network and issue affiliate links to partners.

Classified Ads
A module that allows you to create a text-based classified ads section on your website.

Click-Thru Tracking
Allows website owners and admins to track click-through rates on their websites, for ads or any other links.

Allow visitors to your website to publish free listings (content) on your website and then upgrade to paid versions at any time.


Rotor Banner
A plug-in for creating blocks of rotating content on your website, where you can place banner ads or anything else you want.

Create ad boxes of any size that float into your page from above.

Simple Ad Block
A very simple ad management plug-in that places an ad block onto your website in which you can paste code from AdSense or any other ad network.


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