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SEO Rants

Submitted by adminchris on Fri, 03/23/2012 - 15:23

As I was working the other day building a site, I looked at some competing sites and was a little disheartened because of the many pages of content I found on one in particular.  That was until I decided to do a search to find if it was original or not. Ha!  I copied an entire sentance from the text, put it in quotes and asked google to search for that "exact" set of words in that exact order.

These words : "The Illinois Central Stone Arch Railroad Bridges are a trio of limestone railroad bridges"

From this site :

Yeilded this Google result (click the link to try it yourself)"The+Illinois+Central+Stone+Arch+Railroad+Bridges+are+a+trio+of+limestone+railroad+bridges"

638 results the day I ran the search.  Anyway they say content is king, but I say that original content is the trump card.

It seems Google thinks so too.  And well it should be since their value is in the quality of the search results.

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